Maksunsiirroissa on valitettavasti viivettä tällä hetkellä. Tämä koskee asiakkaita joille on maksu on tehty 25.3. tai sen jälkeen.

Avida tecknar historiskt stort avtal

The leading professional paper distributor and provider of packaging and visual communication solutions in Europe, Antalis has today decided to sign a factoring agreement for their Nordic operation with Avida.

“Today we have signed a factoring agreement with Antali's three Nordic companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, said Tord Topsholm, CEO at Avida. Antalis becomes one of our biggest clients to date. Again, we have proven that our strategy, go to market plan, solutions and business processes are a successful combination and that we continue to drive Avida’s growth.

Jessica Sparrfeldt, head of business finance at Avida, emphasizes that this new agreement was made possible by a team of committed, creative and skilled colleagues. 
"We have a real dream team in place at Avida. By working together cross-border and cross-function and focusing on the business, we can accomplish almost anything. I’m very impressed and proud of everyone's dedication and achievements in this project.

Facts about Antalis
Antalis is the leading professional paper distributor and provider of packaging and Visual Communication solutions in Europe and the world (outside of the United States). Antalis is the only operator in its sector with an international presence in 43 countries. The Nordic countries form a region with increasing integration between the companies. Turnover in the Nordic sums up to approximately 1,8 billon Swedish crowns.